Federation Sponsor Partnership

Federation Sponsorship Partnership Request

Sponsorship Benefits + Film Production Partner

Federation Sponsor Partnership

Social Media Engagement

50 + Media posts, video, content. Sharable on any social platform. YouTube, Twitch Tv, Facebook, Instagram, Linked in, Tictok

3 Episodes + 2Films

H2O Montana Federation Sponsor is featured in includes3 of 15 monthly promotional episodes, and utilized in 2 feature films, "H2O Montana" and "The US OPEN 2021."

Production Partnership

Federation Sponsors Participate by expanding brand reputation, expert recommendation/feedback and participate in a growth/ sustainable marketing platform. Digital assets targeted @ brand expansion and growth. Authentic partnership and high quality promotion.

Request an Elite Sponsor Proposal

White Clay Films is accepting sponsors for the 2021. Federation Sponsors participate in 3 YouTube episodes and 2 feature films. (H2O: Montana + The US Open 2021) Your partnership will support the film project growth,  subscribers, follows, and likes.  Sponsors benefit from a targeted, growing and loyal fan base.  White Clay Films Creates Custom Digital Assets for Sponsorship Partners that broadly extend marketing strategies and cost effectively reach new demographics. Request your proposal here.

Proposals will be sent tho this email. We appreciate your request!