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d. l. Stiffarm: 20+ Years of Competitive fishing.

Competition Platform: B.A.S.S., TBF, ABA, Costa, WON

Tournament History, Divisional, Regional, National:

Navajo Lake, Lake Mead, Clear Lake, Lake Havasu, Hood River, Flaming Gorge, CJ Strike, Courd A’Lane, Noxon, Lake of the Ozarks, Tablerock, Guntersville,Lake Weiss, Lake Fork, Lake Plesent, Lake Powell, Milner, Flathead Lake, Dworshak, Ft. Peck, Lake Pend Oreille, Echo Lake.

Bass, Trout, Walley, Pike.


H2O Montana Film Media White Clay Films
H2O Montana Film Media White Clay Films

Media, Film, and Digital

d.l. Stiffarm studied under Suranjan Ganguly at the University of Colorado Department of Cinema Studies and moving arts.  Studied under Micheal Polish, Kate Bosworth, and Micheal Hausman; Montana Institute for the Arts.  Director: Powerless, Staring Adam Pitman, Writer/Director: Pure Instinct Montana. White Clay films is an independent film production company that provides a powerful media asset designed to accelerate brand, product, service, and organizational message that  appeals on multiple social platforms with sustainable video and film assets.

H2O: Fishing Adveture

White Clay Films utilized the western competitive bass circuits to feature stories about the toughest fishermen/fisherwomen in the region. H2O is a film and video based series designed to connect fishing fans with hard core fishermen whose lives are dedicated to pursuit.

Montana H2O Warrior Sponsor


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It will take the White Clay Films Crew over 5000 hours to shoot and produce the entire film.

White Clay Films releases its content on YouTube. Vimeo, and Twitch TV.  All content is free, please subscribe!

Sponsors benefit from 12 months of YouTube episodes promoting the film, as well as featuring their brands, products, services and message in  the film.  White Clay Films is an adventure film company anchored by competitive fishermen.  Promoting a film event in combination with quality sponsors creates a broad media impact on multiple social platforms.

H2O is an Adventure Film brand featuring the most competitive bass fishing events on the west coast, and the hard core anglers who pursue the challenge of competition. H2O is an authentic story about the psychology of competition, pursuit, and life.

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White Clay Films features anglers who are dedicated to the point of obsession. If  your lake has an epic annual tournament…we would like to fish and film it!