Sponsorship is designed to create a solid partnership in marketing, social engagement, and organizational goals, while protecting brand reputation.

Film Sponsor: Product or Service Placement

Official Film Sponsor: Product/service Placement

Film Sponsors benefit from Product Placement, film promotion & marketing, and media distribution.  Official sponsors gain high level film media assets, distribution campaign inclusion; social media trailers, film update posts, video logs, film delivery, and associated multi channel post launch promotion.  There is no better COST EFFECTIVE method to reach your target. this opportunity is limited to 20 participants. 

Official Film Sponsor

Guaranteed product placement, film credit, film trailer inclusion, participation in film marketing, promotion, and distribution campaigns.  1 million multi channel views/touches.  YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo +.  This film is being shot with RED Digital Cinema cameras; this film is being produced with full digital video, audio, and post production methods for streaming platform distribution. Film Sponsorship is limited to 20 participants.

$2500 Full Sponsorship Including Product Placement

Film Partner: Film Credit and Mention


The Greatest Bass Fishing Film in History

Businesses, products, services, organizations;  utilizing a direct targeting method. BASS FISHING NATION:  The Film, will generate millions of multi channel social media engagements, touches, views, likes and comments.  Flexible Partnership  allows companies, individuals, and organizations to participate in a power film event at there level. Each Partner receives a custom production plan that designs film event inclusion based on your goals.  Thank you for your partnership!

$1000 Film Partner + Flexible Target Demographic + Video log Sponsor

Film Contributor: Supporting Production & Promotion

Film Contributor: Supporting Production & Promotion


Film Contributors provide essential production support, maintenance, and jump start distribution.   Your participation guarantees film delivery,  encourages distributors like Netflix & Amazon., and fuels the momentum behind the project.  Each Contributor receives an autographed custom Leather Bound final script, “Bass Fishing Nation : The Film,”  and an invite to the private online film preview. 

$500:  Autographed Custom Leather Bound Script + Film Preview Invite

Film Funding Sponsorship/Partnership

White Clay Films Releases its content  free to the public through platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Instagram live, Linked-in live, Facebook live, and distributed World Wide through modern day distributers like Film Hub.

FILM Sponsors become partners in film production, promotion, release, and distribution. Ultimately the White Clay Films H2O film platform provides a solid cost effective passive/active target the outdoor, fishing, retired, and media driven demographic, a powerful marketing campaign.

“Our brand found a way to keep up with dynamic media exposure!” Having our product in a film was like creating a media packet for our brand. “

Christine Walters

Film Funding Distribution

Support MONTANA OUTDOOR FILMS. Sponsors provide White Clay Films with tremendoius opportunity to captuer the raw beauty and experience of authentic Montana

Production costs include: Travel, Cameras and Equipment, Boat fuel, licenses and permits, insurance, production crew, rentals,  production logistics, final edits, and distribution.  Sponsors are provided a suite of media assets they can use to grow, expand, or bounce their brand, product, service or message.

H2O Logo Licensed Trademark

Fresh Content and Scale

Today’s rapidly expanding digital media platform provides WCF FILM projects with thousands (SCALE) of opportunities to engage on a variety of platforms. While directly targeting current and emerging demographics utilizing specific CONTENT methods.

Production flexibility allows White Clay Films to customize our production to meet the unique products and services our sponsors provide.  The framework allows sponsors to participate in the film event and the opportunity for coordinated social  media engagement,  promotion, marketing, and distribution.  Once Films are live, they remain active online marketing tools for years.

Sponsors Influence Content & Productoin

Social Media Platform designed in 2019 to Generate targeted Content engagement